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Your music deserves a professional mix with depth and punch that stands out against the weak, boxy mixes of your peers who don't prioritize their sound enough to invest in the right mix engineer.

I understand the passion and hard work it takes to write a song and capture a good performance, but learning to process and mix those tracks is an entirely different skill set which takes years to develop. Your release can't wait that long!

Whether you're an artist trying to save money by recording at home, or a producer/studio owner who would rather focus on the big picture, I will craft professional mixes that bring your vision to life in a sonic experience you'll love.


Even when the mix sounds perfect, it's a mistake to skip professional mastering. A second set of trained ears is invaluable to help balance and optimize your tracks for release.

You need a master that captures all the energy of your mix and makes it jump out at listeners. Whether it's on their earbuds in the gym, bluetooth streaming in the car, or even the speaker on their cell phone, it needs to grab people's attention and make them move.


Spare yourself the regret of releasing a flat, harsh mix that only sounds great in the studio. I'll master your tracks so that your music shines no matter where it's playing back. I can provide masters tailored and optimized for any medium, streaming platform, or broadcast standard as needed.



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Russ Muller has been obsessed with music and sound for as long as he can remember. A graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, he has more than 20 years experience playing guitar and bass, and was a member in various Arizona rock, metal, and fusion bands like We Are They and Straw Man Complex.

"My approach creates a soundscape that has depth and openness, where the song comes to life. These days artists have all the tools they need to produce great tones, but their mixes can still sound small, thin, or flat. For a recording to be great, the music needs to feel alive. It's important to find the right mixing or mastering engineer to connect with the life in your tracks and bring it out.


I fell in love with recording while trying to make my own demos, and I went down the rabbit hole for more than 15 years developing my ears and skills at writing, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering. Now I want to lend those talents to help make other people's music sound better than they imagined."


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